Deacon's "Bake-less" Bake Sale

All "Non-Baked" goods are gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, and

non GMO.

3 Ingredient Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Simply the best peanut butter cookies you’ve ever tasted. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Baker: Janna Peterson

50 calories saved per cookie  

Almond Crescent Cookies

Butter cookies with almonds and confectionary sugar.

Baker: Cheryl Dolida

170 calories saved per cookie  

Almond Layered Cake

Almond Cake with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting.

      Soft almond cake layers filled and frosted in a luscious layer of almond cream cheese frosting. Yum Yum!

Baker: Cathy Boleyn

750 calories saved per slice

Banana Bread

Not your humdrum banana bread, this one contains chopped dried apricots and grapefruit rind; walnut halves decorate the top.

Baker: Janna Sage Peterson

300 calories saved per slice

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Cake Plus One

Elegant and rich Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Birthday Vanilla Cake. Vanilla icing with birthday balls of various sizes. Includes a small version for your child on their special day.

Baker: Carla Langdon

300 calories saved per slice

Carrot Cake a la Jackson Pollack

Straight up carrot cake (no nuts, raisins, or pineapple in this baby) spiced with cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg; creamy cream cheese frosting in an abstract expressionist motif.

Baker: Janna Sage Peterson

300 calories saved per slice

Chai Latte Cupcakes

These chai latte cupcakes combine deliciously warm chai spices like cinnamon and ginger with soft fluffy cupcakes. Topped with chai spice buttercream. It's Starbucks meets Betty Crocker!

Baker: Carol Brennan

350 calories saved per cupcake

Chex Mix

Homemade with all the fun ingredients - it’s a snack… it’s a (socially distanced and outdoor) party!

Baker: Janna Sage Peterson

150 calories saved per 3/4 cup serving

Chocolate Chip Oat Puffs

A fun twist on the traditional oatmeal cookie - oatmeal put in the blender becomes oat flour and makes these cookies puff when baked.

Baker: Janna Sage Peterson

35 calories saved per puff

Danish Puff Pastry

An almond flavored dessert or breakfast treat to be savored in small bites with coffee, tea, cocoa, or your beverage of choice.

On a crispy crust of flour and butter, sits an elegant cream puff center of soft moist flour, butter, egg, and almond flavored pastry.

These two layers are topped with a decadently rich icing made with pure almond flavoring, egg yolk, cream, and confectioner's sugar.

Your mouth watering treat is sprinkled with diced nuts. 

Baker: Marion Oliver

250 calories saved per bite-sized piece

Firetruck Birthday Cake by Heather Langdon

Large chocolate and vanilla layered firetruck birthday cake with cherry 🍒 buttercream frosting. A crowd pleaser for any firetruck loving child especially one who is turning five years of age. A Dalmatian or dog 🐶 of your choice included if requested. 

Baker: Carla Langdon

550 calories saved per slice

Fresh Peach Pie Coffee Cake

This delicious Fresh Peach Pie Coffee Cake is a combination of a juicy peach pie and a moist, delectable coffee cake. The juice of the pie oozes out as you cut into each bite. It is made with nature’s tree ripened organic peaches, 100% butter (no margarine in this delicacy!) and the freshest ingredients possible. It is perfect for breakfast, or dessert, or any time snack. One bite will leave you wanting more! Have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!! 

The deliciousness takes all the calories away!

Baker: Kathy Hobbs

600 calories saved per slice

Gingerbread Cookies

A dozen (now eleven and 1/4) of large gingerbread and lightly iced cookies. Notice that Carla could not resist to get even with her sister Elaine for something. Does she feel guilty, no. She feels satisfied. 😂

Baker: Carla Langdon

100 calories saved per cookie

Gingerbread House

A crisp ginger biscuit made of gingerbread and all of your favorite fixings. 

Baker: Mary Mild

240 calories saved per house

Igloo and Penguins Cake by Heather Langdon

A scrumptious igloo and Penguins 🐧 made of vanilla and chocolate 🍫 ice cream birthday cake and coconut frosting. 

Candle with specific age of your choice included. 

Warning ⚠️ if older than 20 it may cause the ice cream to melt. Penguins made of fondant. 

Baker: Carla Langdon

500 calories saved per slice

Ilse’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

A soft buttery cookie with chocolate chips baked to perfection. 

Too good to have calories

Baker: Ilse Pease

78 calories saved per cookie

La Bete Noir

La Bete Noir (The Black Beast) is a flourless chocolate cake to die for. 

If you don’t believe me, ask Phyllis Hazen.

Baker: Judy Wahrenberger

500 calories saved per slice


Meatless Stuffed Mushrooms

Carla Langdon is known for her famous meatless stuffed mushrooms. Button mushroom tops stuffed with a scrumptious mixture of chopped mushrooms, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, lightly sautéed shallots, Worcester sauce, hot red pepper sauce and butter broiled to perfection. Recipe a secret ! This is your chance to enjoy and say YUMMY!

Ingredients: Italian Style bead crumbs.

Baker: Carla Langdon

50 calories saved per meatball

Megan and Caleb Langdon’s Christmas Cookies

Color Yourself Christmas Sweater Cookies Kit. Enough for two dozen cookies. Have fun with family and friends this Christmas season. Color your individual Christmas sweater cookie(s) and then photograph your sweater(s) and share.

Baker: Carla Langdon

390 calories saved per cookie

Noah’s Birthday Cake by Heather Langdon

Rich chocolate birthday cake with classic chocolate buttercream icing and multicolored sprinkles. All animals and candle included. 

Baker: Carla Langdon

750 calories saved per slice

Pittsburgh Pirate Fan Birthday Cake

Are you a Pittsburgh Pirate Fan? This is the cake for you. Red velvet cake with vanilla icing. We can also make this a New York Yankee Fan Cake but never a Philly Fan Birthday Cake. 

Baker: Carla Langdon

550 calories saved per slice

Raspberry Charlotte

If you love raspberries, this cake is for you! Tender vanilla sponge cake spread with raspberry/lemon glaze surrounds a fluffy interior of raspberry mousse. The top is garnished with raspberry/lemon jam swirls and a ring of fresh raspberries. This cake is so light and creamy that it is the perfect indulgence for dessert after any meal.

This cake is too light and fluffy to have any calories. In fact, since your fingers are exercising to scroll through this bake sale entry, it should have negative calories!!

Baker: D'Maris Dempsey

541 calories saved per slice

Robert and Wanda Langdon’s Wedding Cake

Classic and elegant four tiered vanilla wedding cake with vanilla buttercream frosting made by Carla Langdon’s grandmother.

Baker: Carla Langdon

600 calories saved per slice

Santa Cupcakes

Delicious chocolate Santa cupcakes decorated with buttercream! This easy to make dessert will bring holiday cheer to the table

Baker: Mary Mild

389.6 calories saved per cupcake

Special Birthday Cake

This special birthday cake was created by my sister-in-law ( not me!) and tastes as delicious as it is beautiful. The fondant frosting is creamy and sweet and the cake is moist - melts in your mouth!

No counting calories on your birthday celebration!

Baker: Sister-in-law of Carol Wilson

550 calories saved per slice

Strawberry/Rhubarb Tart

Fresh organic rhubarb and strawberry filling - the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors - in a paper thin homemade pie crust.

Baker: Janna Sage Peterson

250 calories saved per slice

Where’s Waldo Birthday Cake by Heather Langdon

A Where’s Waldo birthday cake with figurines included. Classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing covered heavily with multicolored sprinkles. Also includes a free gift card to Amazon for a Where’s Waldo coloring book.  

Baker: Carla Langdon

500 calories saved per slice

Yellow Cake with “Nutella" Frosting

Homemade one layer yellow cake frosted with the best “Nutella” you’ve ever tasted (a distinctive blend of avocado, hazelnut, maple syrup, and Ghiradelli dark cocoa powder)

Baker: Janna Sage Peterson

300 calories saved per slice

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