Even after 335 years we're still growing...

Our congregation was established in Bound Brook in 1688 by Scottish Covenanters who had been persecuted for their religious beliefs.  Today, our congregation of over 300 members represents a diverse cross-section from communities throughout the Raritan Valley. We strive to be a welcoming, caring, worshipping, and learning community. You will find that we are traditional in worship style, casual in our demeanor, and progressive in our theology. We are an inclusive worshipping community and we would love for you to join us!

                          Traditional                       Casual                    Progressive

  • Who We Are

    Believing that we are all God’s children, we offer a community of openness and inclusion. People of all races, cultures, sexualities, gender identities and stations in life will find a safe and affirming place here.  The members of our congregation encourage one another to ask questions and to “think outside the box” so that we can grow in our journeys of faith. We support one another in caring and encouraging ways.  We value and celebrate the cultural richness that comes from a diverse community and we seek to ensure that all who visit us are made to feel at home. 

In Service

To whom much is given, much will be required. Our faith is made real in service to others. Whether we are loving our local community through our weekly food pantry, or traveling to Central Appalachia to repair homes or even though the educational sponsorship of girls in Pakistan, the members of BBPC seek to have a global impact to help those in need. If you feel called to serve, come join us!

In Community

A church is more than just a building, it's a community.  Whether we are working, learning, playing or worshipping, community plays a central role in who we are.

At BBPC we welcome you for who you are, where you are in your journey of faith.  You'll find community whether it is in a book study group, youth activity or even just sharing coffee with a stranger after worship.

In Faith

The life of faith is best lived shared.  We believe that our mission is to follow Jesus' example and live a full life in Faith to God.  Our journeys of faith are a collective experience of struggle, joy, laughter and tears.  

Meet Our Staff

  • Rev. Linda Owens

    Pastor, Head of Staff


  • Benjamin T. Berman

    Director of Music


  • Lissette Gonzalez Sosa

    Director of Christian Education


  • D. J. Judkins

    Executive Administrative Assistant