Youth at BBPC

Our Youth Ministry begins with our youngest children in Sunday School and extends all the way to our Senior High.  We believe a rich environment of youth worship, learning and play keeps our church vibrant and alive.


Classes range from preschool through Junior High students with age-appropriate lessons based on scripture.  Our Sunday School focuses on helping each child listen hear the Good News and learn to listen to God's message.

Youth Group

Our active Youth Group is open to anyone from seventh through twelfth grade.  In fact, many of the participants don't belong to the church!  The Youth Group programming focuses on fun, a safe place to grow, and an opportunity to serve the community. Activities include the annual Bonfire, Capture the Pumpkin, the 30 Hour Famine and our yearly Retreat to Montlawn Retreat Center in Bushkill, PA. 

Youth Mission

The Youth of our church have ample opportunities to make a difference through:

  • Appalachia Service Project - making homes warmer, safer and drier in the Appalachian regions.
  • A Work Of Love (AWOL) - helping those in need in our immediate communities.
  • One Life Mission to Zambia - sponsoring children in need living in Zambia.


Offered annually. Confirmation class is offered to high school students beginning in the 9th grade.  The confirmation program leads youth through a process of spiritual discovery and church orientation.  At the end of 10 weeks, youth are offered the opportunity to become adult members of the church.  Confirmation is normally offered in the late winter – early spring and culminates on Pentecost Sunday with the receiving of the confirmands into membership in the church.