All In

2022 Stewardship Pledge Campaign


Let’s talk about what it means to be “All In” at BBPC.

Have you been part of, or noticed, all that BBPC has done during the pandemic for this community – a community of immigrants that struggled to get by in the pre-pandemic “good times”, then, with the pandemic, out of work and struggling more? Have you watched or participated in the food preparation that happens in our renovated PFC kitchen, then picked up by hungry families? Have you observed or helped with the food distribution to families by the scores in the PFC Sunday afternoons? Have you heard about or contributed to the Shop Rite cards, approximately a thousand dollars a week, to the needy? Have you heard about Families for Success, a program spearheaded by BBPC to maximize the likelihood of families successfully reaching goals here in Bound Brook? Did you hear about or help to renovate Bobby’s house? Are you one of the many people who contribute to the education of Pakistani girls through the PEB scholarship program? Is there any doubt that BBPC is “All In”?


Those things happen at BBPC because we have a staff of dedicated, caring and talented individuals who challenge and inspire us to do what we have done. Our staff is lean – a full-time Pastor/Head of Staff, Linda, a part-time Director of Christian Education, Courtney, a part-time Director of Music, Ben, and a full-time Executive Administrative Secretary, Karen. It’s a small staff, but it’s mighty! Many of us are worshipping together again in the sanctuary; others continue to worship remotely. But there were many months in the last year and a half that allowed us to worship, albeit from our homes, only due to the determination and creativity of our staff as well as the dedication of our volunteer technicians. Clearly, they are “All In.” 


These things happen because at BBPC we have buildings that have opened their doors wide. While safety has remained a primary concern, our buildings are available to serve these important functions. They have remained open to the two Hispanic churches that worship in our buildings. As pandemic concerns decrease, use of our church buildings will again increase with twelve-step programs, scouting groups, and home schooling organizations back in attendance. Is it expensive to maintain, heat, light, and equip the buildings of BBPC? Yes! We have only just celebrated the restoration of our beautiful stained glass windows. The capital campaign was a resounding success addressing much more than just our windows. These buildings are where the necessary work begins, continues and ends. Without them, can we as BBPC really be “All In”?


All of what we can and do do at BBPC happens because we are a church that is “All In”! Being “All In” is doing the hard work these programs involve. Being “All In” is praying for and supporting those who labor in these projects. Being “All In” means sitting in the pews with fellow worshipers or sharing thoughts on Facebook during our worship service. Being “All In” means having the heart to make our church the kind of place that would make Jesus smile – a place where the needy are sheltered and fed, a place where all are welcome, a place that knows we are no stronger than the weakest link in our community, a place that never forgets that all of the bounty that is ours exists not because of our worthiness but as a mere matter of good fortune, a place that knows “there but for the grace of God go I”.

Being “All In” even means providing the financial support that makes all of what we are as a church a reality. Enormous thanks to all of you pledgers who have demonstrated unequivocally that you’re “All In”! 

Are you “All In”?